Are you unable to wash your own van?  Don’t have the space, time, facilities or inclination.

Don’t worry, I can do it for you.

We do not use a pressure washer so you can be sure that your seals will stay intact.  We only use cleaners designed specifically for the Caravan and Motor home industry and all cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

Cleaning services include:

Basic wash

Pre Rinse

Soap Wash (inc roof)


Caravan** £45.00**

Motorhome** £65.00**

Optional extras include:

Awning rails cleaned  £5.00

Wheels and Tyres dressed  £5.00

Windows cleaned  £5.00

Locker door surrounds cleaned  £5.00

Full external valet (includes all extras)

Caravan** £60.00

Motorhome** £80.00


Wash and Wax

Pre rinse
Soap wash (inc roof)
Alluminum strips deep cleaned
Heki and sky lights cleaned (outside only)
Wheels cleaned
Window reveals cleaned
All locker doors cleaned
Windows cleaned
One coat of wax polish applied

Caravan** £180.00

Motorhome** £240.00

GRP panel restoration each £45.00



Ring for more details.

*extra charges may be incurred for excessively dirty vehicles

** Caravan = single axle tourers. Twin axle tourers as Motorhome