TCM Caravan & Motor Home Service Centre offers cosmetic repairs to your caravan or motor home.

Don’t replace it. Repair it!

TCM is highly skilled and has been trained at The Caravan Medic HQ. The innovative repair system employed by TCM allows repair to just the damaged area, enabling a quick and cost-effective solution to minor damage, without compromising on work quality.

Here are just some of the things your Caravan Medic can do for you:

  • Paintwork, plastic, scratches and dents

    • Restored to ‘as new’ condition
    • Only damaged areas repaired
    • Original finish maintained
    • Accurate Colour matching
  • Carpets and upholstery

    • Repair small tears
    • Eradicate cigarette burns
  • Permanent puncture prevention

    • Extends tyre life
    • Helps avoid blow-outs
    • Controls under-inflation
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment

    • Repairs to scuffed or ‘kerbed’ wheels
    • Renovate corroded areas
    • Return wheels to their original standard