TCM Caravan and Motor Home Service Centre can supply and fit Reich motor movers.

Exceptional qualtiy with a 5 year warranty.

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It’s getting easy now

easydriver – traveling relaxed

One of a kind: easydriver protection against corrosion.

Instead of just covering up corrosion the special high-tech metal easydriver housing prevents corrosion from developing. For a lasting value.

  • Powerful drive for every application
  • New and simple intuitive easydriver operation (even though it may get hard or steep)
  • Simply light, smart and compact
  • With MPP lowest system weight (saves up to 27 kg in combination with the Li-Ion System Mobility Power Pack)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Taking the tightest turns
  • Engage simply on the push of a button
    (with easydriver pro)
  • Unique engaging mechanism for optimum power conversion
  • A single radio operated remote control for all functions with equipment status feedback
  • Best possible traction for safe operation on steep inclines, wet grass,
    mud and tricky environment, soft start and stop via Softstart and Softstopp functions

*Subject to REICH warranty terms

easydriver pro

Simply the best


Simply engage and disengage on the push of a button.


easydriver basic

Reasonably priced and simply without alternative when it comes to convenience


Hand lever or cordless screwdriver: simply engage or disengage.



Single Axle

NEW EcoEasy Manual £840 Fitted

Ecoline compact Auto £1195 Fitted


Twin Axle

NEW EcoEasy Manual £1695 Fitted

Ecoline Compact Auto £2300 Fitted