TCM Caravan & Motor Home Service Centre can offer a Permanent Puncture Prevention treatment for your Car, Caravan, Trailer or Motorhome.  Using AmerSeal Premium Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant we can treat any air-filled tyre (tube and tubeless) to help prevent punctures and blow outs.
  • Amerseal Tyre Sealant will prevent flat tyres by permanently sealing tread area punctures up to 6mm in diameter, for the life of the tyre, and it is water soluble.
  • Amerseal helps maintain correct tyre pressure, which increases fuel economy. Tyre runs up to 30°C cooler, extending its service life. It will not adversely effect wheel balance when correctly installed, and will not rust, corrode or pit steel or aluminium wheels. Non-Hazardous.

Permanent Puncture Protection

AmerSeal coats the inside of tires and wheels to keep air filled tires properly inflated for the life of the tire which:

  1. Extends Tire Life
  2. Maintains tyre pressure
  3. Increases Fuel Economy of Vehicles
  4. Reduces Inconvenience From Flat Tires
  5. Eliminates Tire Repair Costs
  6. Reduces Tire Casing Damage from Blow-Outs

Amer Seal is the top selling premium tire sealant in the United States and is also a major export product sold in over 118 countries.

Get in touch for a quote.  I will need your tyre sizes in order to provide a quote,